Colorado Springs Hang Gliding Frequently Asked Questions

Colorado Springs Hang Gliding Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Hang Gliding in Colorado Springs

QWhat is a hang glider?

A A hang glider is a foot-launched aircraft made of an aluminum or composite-framed fabric wing. The pilot hangs securely from the canopy of the hang glider controlling the ghang glider through the air by shifting their weight with respect to the hang glider.

QHow does the hang glider get launched?

A A hang glider can be launched by foot from running down hill or cliff. Other popular methods include jumping from a launch pad on a mountainside or launch using a tow method. Tow methods include 'aero-tow,' which is being pulled by an unltralight aircraft, and ground tows which include ground vehicle tows (like trucks and boats) or winch launches. Once the hang glider reaches the desired altitude the tow rope is released and you begin using the wind to power your journey through the air!

QHow long does my hang gliding lesson last?

AThe length of time a hang gliding lesson lasts is dependant upon weather conditions. Your total experience will last about an hour with your hang gliding flight time lasting 10 minutes to 20 minutes depending on how many thermals there are to catch. Thermals are heated air created by the sun warming the earth that causes your hang glider to rise as you fly over them. Plan to spend about half of your day at the hang gliding facility.

QHow do I get Started?

A Either way, you have already completed the second hardest part in beginning your journey into the hang gliding world. You have found Colorado Springs Hang Gliding! Certainly, the most difficult part is just ahead of you right now, and that's making a decision. Are you content with just looking at our website imagining what it would be like to be 'up there too', or are you ready to take those first steps, and join us in the Colorado air?

To sign up or just to find out a bit more about any of our programs, simply contact Colorado Springs Hang Gliding and we'll take it from there. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have, and when you're ready, we'll schedule your Colorado Springs Hang Gliding Adventure at a time that's convenient for you.

Q What is the age and weight limit for hang gliding in Colorado?

AFor many hang gliding providers, you must be 18 years of age to fly and you must weigh less than 250 lbs. Ages 14 and up may participate in most areas with parental consent.

QHow high do you take the hang glider?

AYour instructor can take you up to 3,000 ft. in the air depending on weather conditions. Most introductory lesson flights are kept at lower altitudes for safety purposes.

QWhat is the difference between a hang glider and a paraglider?

ASometimes there is confusion regarding the differences between both sports. The pilot for a Hang glider usually flies in a prone position and the glider has a rigid frame. This is a faster and more acrobatic experience. With a paraglider the pilot is suspended in a sitting position and the glider's shape is like a canopy... similar to a parachute. The paraglider stays aloft by floating on the wind current. A hang glider is best for those who are looking for a thrilling flying experience in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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